Dear Tania,

Thank for sending the certificates and CD.  I would like to share with you the feedback of the training from Dr. Ashok Mundrigi, Head of R&D & GEC Member... most of them from the team presented during our GEC’s visit this week beginning.  They presented very confidently and there was a tremendous improvement in their language, body language etc., I think they have really worked on it.  But they have to use it as their daily practice.

Thanks for your support.



Sartorius Stedim Ltd.

"My overall experience with Valuepoint Academy was very good. The topics chosen for our training was good. The focus on grammatical errors was an eye opener. The training was very relevant to our needs. All the trainers motivated us by rewarding us with small gifts every time we performed well, either as a group or individually. Hence, we were pushed to do better."

-Mr. Justin Victor- Permasteelisa


"Valuepoint Academy shows real value to learning. We spent good time learning many things. The teaching method was very good. I felt this training was good for all of us. Thanks to Sandhya and the Valuepoint team."

-Mr.Gowda- Permasteelisa


"Personally, I gained a lot of knowledge in making a presentation, writing business mails and communicating in a better way. There was a language barrier which was evident among our employees prior to this training, but now I can see a great change. Our employees talk to each other and the communication skills of some of our staff has improved considerably. Thanks to all the efficient trainers who chose the relevant content for us. Special thanks to Ms.Suchi for her training. We would like to have this type of training every year."

-Mr.Srinivas Acharya- Hitachi


"We want the same kind of training for our team again, to improve our spoken English and confidence level."

-Anonymous- Café Coffee day


"The session conducted by the trainers of Valuepoint Academy was very exciting. I must say that the correction of our grammatical errors was done in an excellent way. The training is overall very good for personal development. Due to many participants, we couldn't do individual speaking. It would be better if we have more time in the future so that all participants would get a chance to speak."

-Mr.Panchakshraiah – Ansaldo STS


"This programme really will be helpful for our career. Big thanks to Valuepoint Academy for the training."

-Mr. Venkata Ramana- Mahindra Aerospace


"It is a very good programme to improve our personal life as well as work life."

-Anonymous- Mahindra Aerospace


"It felt good to be part of the training programme. I would recommend this training to all my friends and colleagues."

-Anonymous-Mahindra Aerospace


"It is a very helpful course which opens our eyes to so many things that we were unaware of- attitude management, etiquette, time management, etc."

-Anonymous- Iron Mountain


"I would like to thank all the trainers who have given effective training to improve the confidence in the people."

-Anonymous- Iron Mountain


"This training is very useful to me , personally. This is the first time ever I have received such training and it is useful for my career."

-Anonymous- Iron Mountain


"The training was excellent. I wish I had such training in my college days but I am happy that I participated in Valuepoint Academy's training."

-Anonymous- Iron Mountain


Name: Santo J K

Country: India

Client Name:Desmet Ballestra India Pvt.LTD

Feedback :Kindly accept our profound acknowledgement for transfering  VALUE  to our organization.Participants from our organisation have drawn huge benefits from the programs conducted by ABE VAluepoint Academy

Truly appreciate the time & attention given to our staff. The fact that you could tailor make the module to perfectly match our requirement, is commendable.