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Easy accessibility, and good tool for learn Dayananda sagar
Methodology, and examples Shivakumar G
Making me to aware of what I am speaking. Natarajan M
It is has a good flexibility and definitely it's awesome and more beneficial, because it's face to face (only one student for each session) Mohammed Bodwilah
I can spend time to study in my room only, so convenient for me. Sukanya Labsomboonphon
i like this course is not different class face to face. Saeed Ali Mohammed Rafeet
it's new and good experience for me Yousuf
She has teached us very enthusiastic. Jiyoung Noh
The techniques,Mam using to teach us is really impressive. Payel Bose
All the thing good and available nothing wrong Aboualgasim abdallah adam
Learning from home Oumar soukra
Time management and customised according to our requirement.
Teaching was was helpful.
Dayananda sagar
The class was much effective as it was one to one interaction U Anusha
We can learn it from anywhere Ch venkatesh
I liked the way ma'am taught and also the tips are really helpful. Anu. K. Jiji
Methodology and examples Shivakumar
teacher teach to easy understand. Singharat Kanjanasopon
i learned new a method and my teacher gave me more explanations about that. Saeed Ali Mohammed Rafeet
new experience for me and very good Yousuf
new experience for me and very good Yousuf
We speak a lot Mwanto wa musanse Dominique
Don't have to move from home, express confidently since each is alone Mwape WA Musanse Gloire
What I liked the most about this online course is- it is very time saving and we have completed our course just within a month. Payel Bose
It wonderful and fun Nyawier akot
Online class was good but prefer in person Sukanya Labsomboonphon
Good Ammar Ahmed abdelgafar
Not very interesting SOHAIB
Good Ali Mohammed Taher Alaidaros
Very good Ali Mahamat Moussa Tah
I like it because it was a New expérience Kalombo kazadi mardoche
Good Ammar Ahmed abdelgafar
Not very interesting SOHAIB
At this time, when all schools are closed to the public , it is very cool that there is an opportunity to study online !! Alexey
Good communication with our teacher Hamuli Bisimwa
Teacher she not came late Abouelgasim abdalla adam
it makes me able to write easily Saeed Ali Mohammed Rafeet
i can spend time for study on my comfortable bed. Sukanya labsomboonphon
good because new experience for me yousuf
I liked that I can study from any places, and I don't depend on from time. Evgeny
We all participated in Mwanto wa musanse Dominique
It’s comfortable Nyawier akot
After this cours, I got more ability to understand while watching movies, dors,music.... en English. It really helpt me to get more confident when I speak MWAPE WA MUSANSE GLOIRE
I like all things about online training like explanition of the tranner and focusing of the subject Shafiqa sultani
Ms. Pranitha did her best to ensure that I have understood. Eum mi
Good Ismael Mahamat Younous
Good Ismael Mahamat Younous
learning to speak Oumar soukra
Any thing abou elgasim abdalla adam
Good Ismael Mahamat Younous


Hello Valuepoint Acadamy Team, 

It's been a wonderful experience as an IELTS student for 6 weeks where I have learned a lot of things including tricks and methods to crack the IELTS test. 

Apart from that, the teaching and non teaching faculty were very helpful and they create a very positive atmosphere. 

Special thanks to Mr. Raj, who was my mentor throughout, without whom I would have not scored as much as I have.

I will come to the center and meet him in person soon.

As requested, please find attached my IELTS score report for your reference.


Faisal Syed


Dear Ms Swarna,

I had applied for 2 weeks course for IELTS (Academic). Got my IELTS results today.

I scored total 7.5

Reading 6.5

Speaking 7

Writing 7.5

Listening 8.5

I scored less in Reading because of lack of time. I took significant time reading the articles during the exam. 

I needed overall 6.5 with minimum of 6 in module.

I am happy that I scored 7.5 with a minimum of 6.5 in each module.

Scholarship from University of Edinburgh for my ChM (MCh) Urology online course is attached.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Ms Suchi for all the guidance and I would like to thank you for all the hazzle-free registration/coordination.

Dr Pramod Krishnappa 



I’m Shalini Shetty, Working at UK as a Nurse.

"I am so glad i found you” Value point academy is one of the best institution for OET. The Teachers and the Staffs are very friendly, dedicated and committed towards teaching and guiding the students to strive for the best. Your contribution in conjunction with the resources resulted in my achieving a successful outcome in OET. Thank you so much for your timely guidance.

Thank you,




Thank you very much for remembering me.Your academy was helpful to get through my OET exam in the first attempt. I am thankful to all of you, especially Jayashri madam.
Now I am in the UK.


Dr Philip

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