One day in the morning, I came to my office and noticed one young man sitting at the reception waiting for me. When I entered my room, he knocked on the door and asked if he can come in, I asked him to come in and offered a seat.

His first question was, do you recognise me?  My first reaction was no, then he started narrating,

“Sir I came to your training institute in 2005, and have undergone an Effective Communications Skills Course.”

 He had come to Bangalore from Haridwar, after completing Hotel management degree, being poor in English Speaking Skills, was unable to find suitable job, so he took admission in, Valuepoint Academy and underwent Spoken English, Communication Skills and Personality Development course.

“Today I am working in Hotel InterContinental at London. “ he said proudly.

 I was surprised, thrilled and happy, it was his improved communication skills which had helped him grow in career and secure a position in London at prestigious hotel.

Communication skills always played a big role in working professional career in past, it is playing a vital role in present, and it will remain relevant in future as well, despite all the technological advancement.

8 weeks of training changed life of this boy, it can changer yours also, invest in training